The Running man (1987)

My first DVD I ever bought in 2001 was Arnold Schwarzeneggers The Running man. Back then DVD, s were brand new,this was my first one to my collection.

Oh those memories, I used to watch this film over and over. This kind of movies you can watch many times over and over, they have that special charm about them.


In the year of 2017 (yeah it’s next year!) the USA is controlled militarized police state. The most popular tv show is modern gladiator game The Running man in which criminals are hunted down by hunters. Ben Richards (Schwarzenegger) is a police officer who gets thrown in prison for not obeying orders. He escapes from prison with his friends but later gets captured and gets thrown into a The Running man.

Arnold in The Running man

Arnold has made so many great films this is one of them. I loved the idea of modern era gladiator tv show set in the future,well not exactly anymore, it’s already 2016!

Maria Conchita Alonso who also, by the way, starred in Predator 2 plays his sidekick Amber Mendez. Jesse Ventura is in the film, he also played along Schwarzenegger in Predator. Arnold’s friend Sven-Ole Thorsen plays a bodyguard, this time, he even has a line.

The Running man

The screenplay was written by my favorite writer Steven E. de Souza (48 hrs, Commando, Die Hard), it is based on a novel by Stephen King under the alias of Richard Bachman.

Rob Cohen who directed the first The Fast and the Furious film was a producer for this.
Paul Michael Glaser was a director who was known for portraying Starsky on Starsky and Hutch tv show.

Harold Faltermayer (Beverly Hills cop, Top Gun) composed an amazing synthesizer track that sinks into your mind in the film. Shame he hasn’t done that many compositions for films.


The film is quite entertaining, great interesting villains like Subzero & Buzzsaw.Richard Dawson is good as disgusting show host Damon Killian, he actually was a game show host on Family Feud during 76-85.

Arnold is Arnold with his one-liners and kicking ass skills,he makes this movie with his usual charm and charisma. He says his famous line “I´ll be back” in this movie.

The Running man

The only problem that Arnold expressed in his amazing autobiography “Total recall my unbelievably true life story” was that Paul Michael Glaser had a TV directing approach,he shot the film like a tv show, it hurt the film.

Andrew Davis (Under Siege, The Fugitive) worked on this film for a week after he was fired by producer Cohen and Glaser was hired at the last minute without any time for proper preparation.

The film is a little gem in Schwarzenegger’s filmography. It´s not one of those movies that he will be remembered for but definitely nice film. Overall a good movie, 80s classic.

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