The Band that Changed my life

I can’t imagine that I wrote 1200 words nonstop under an hour. For some reason, I wanted to write about Mötley Crue today.

It was 6th of June 2005. How do I remember this? Next day was performing my all time favorite band Mötley Crue in my hometown Helsinki. It was going to be the best day of my life.

When I was 14 something happened to me. I had lots of anxiety in me. I didn’t felt like I belong to anything. I felt different. I felt like an outcast. I was searching for something, I was lost.

I started listening to Guns N Roses. I would listen to “Welcome to the jungle” on repeat all over again when going to school. I felt anger, frustration, depression. I wanted to shout and scream. I wanted to kick my enemies ass , I wanted to destroy.

The Beginning

One day I was browsing to my dad’s cd collection which was fucking huge. I stumbled on a cd called Decade of Decadence by some random band called Mötley Crue.

Boy standing with Mötley Crue jacket

The first track on the cd  “Live Wire” kickass remix 1991 blew my mind. It was the coolest track I ever heard.I wanted to jump, destroy shit, have sex on that song.

It was such an influential song for me that I started using livewired username on many forums, when I was buying a domain name I didnt hesitate what name to take, livewired was taken so I took thelivewired, paying my homage.


At first, I only liked  a couple of songs, Home Sweet Home, Wildside, Rock N roll Junkie which is btw one of my favorite Crue songs. My dad also had Girls Girls Girls album which I listened to death. I fell in love unreleased ballad Rodeo, I would listen to that song over and over. It became my favorite album of all time.

I bought their autobiography The Dirt by Neil Strauss in 2003. It blew my mind. It was the best book I ever had read at that time. It was such a pleasure to read it. Neil Strauss had such impact on my life, first, I read The Dirt then I read his book The Game in 2009 which was hugely influential in my life. I wouldn’t be the same person without those books. Both books I have read multiple times.

Later years I bought other members books Tommy Lee´s autobiography Tommyland, Vince Neils autobiography Tattoos and Tequila, Nikki Sixx Heroin Diaries, but they don’t come close to the masterpiece of The Dirt by Neil Strauss. Neil also wrote great book with my favorite actress 😉 Jenna Jameson called How to make love like a pornstar.

blonde boy standing in a room


I started to love the band.I bought all of their albums, started spending my time on official Mötley Crue Shout forum. The Forum  is still up but it’s not part of official Crue site anymore, don’t know what happened.

I would listen to Mötley day and night. I would read/watch every interview. I started collecting their bootlegs, pictures, videos on the internet. Eventually, I was so inspired that I wanted to become rock star myself. I started fantasizing about playing arenas with full Glam costume makeup on, I would listen to Crue bootlegs and imagine me playing with them. I fantasized about being Vince Neil and singing Live Wire to a stadium full of people.

Finally, I bought a guitar, a cheap guitar.To my shock I wasn’t any good, I wasn’t shredding and playing power chords like Mötley did, I sucked. It wasn’t so easy like I thought it was.


me playing bass

But I kept rehearsing. Eventually, I also bought bass, thunderbird bass that Nikki Sixx uses.
I would play bass and imagine I m Nikki Sixx. I started to write songs in my room. The only problem was that I didn’t have friends that shared the same passion as me. I was alone in this.

Back then Mötley Crue was dead, they had broken up, they were considered the 80s has been band. I dreamed and dreamed about Mötley Crue tour someday….Little did I know I would see them soon.

I grew my hair long, bleached it and made it look like Vince Neil. I started dressing like Vince Neil, blue jeans, black boots, black leather jacket. I wanted to look like him in Don’t go away mad video. I would also start using hairspray to get my hair like Vince did in the 80s. I was in my own world where I was a rockstar. Classmates at school made fun of me because I listened to 80s hair metal band. I was different.

me sitting drinking beer

I would also become huge Guns N Roses fan, but still Mötley to me was the best.

16 years old and I was anti-everything. Fuck this and fuck that. My life had a deeper meaning now. I was a Crue fan, I was special. I started  listen to other kickass rock bands also like Ratt, Kiss, Aerosmith, The Stooges, Ramones, New York Dolls, Skid Row, Scorpions, La Guns. I would look for new bands to listen that had Mötleys sound and style but there weren’t many bands that could hold a candle to Mötley Crue

I would hate grunge music cause in my mind it killed 80s rock metal. To me 90 % of bands were fake pussies, Mötley & GNR were the real deal.

In December of 2004, my wet dream came true: Mötley Crue was reuniting. I was jumping out of excitement! This was the answer to my prayers. I almost pissed my pants when they added Helsinki on world tour list. Finally, I could show off to my friends, Crue was doing huge sold out world tour, how about that you assholes that made fun of me.I was proud of my band, yes they were my band.

I got my ticket, I was ready. Summer was coming!

You know what?! I just realized as I m writing this it’s 7.6 now the same day that Mötley Crue was playing in Helsinki 11 years ago, for some reason today I wanted to write Mötley Crue without no apparent reason, ain’t life crazy?! Makes you really think about all the forces around us that we don’t see.

Anyway, I was waiting for the concert. The 6.6 day came , I was at center of Helsinki walking around buying myself clothes with a friend. Then the phone call came…It was my friend, he was excited and shouting that he just saw Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee on the streets of Helsinki with their bodyguards.

I was running like Forrest Gump to him. Finally, I saw my friend, he was stoked, he told they went to Levis store. We stepped in and saw our idols Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee. I was so excited, I know how little girls feel about Justin Bieber because that’s how I felt when I was talking to Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee. I was shaking and trembling, this was not happening! My idol was talking to me. This had to be a beautiful dream. It didn’t feel real, we had to take a picture of us right on the street to prove it.

Me and my friends with Nikki Sixx in Helsinki


How do you like my hair?

It was a beautiful moment in my life, I met my idols. I was high on life. The next day they were performing at Helsinki Ice Hall. The show was amazing, I was so happy standing in the front row in blissful state listening to my favorite songs like Dr. Feeelgood, Live Wire, Looks that kill being played by my favorite guys.

After the show I felt so high, floating,I wanted that feeling to last forever. I went home, next day I woke up and couldn’t grasp on those couple of days. I will cherish those days. I still have that t-shirt I bought on tour, I used it only once, didn’t wash it after all that sweating in the front row, I want it to stay as it is.

When I was 19 I cut my hair and had to do to the finnish mandatory military service that will be another post some day.

I lost my passion for rock music for years for some reason. I felt like it was a phase. I didn’t play guitar I was busy doing other things like partying and building social circle.

I don’t know what happened but in 2013 I found passion again for music,started playing again,listening to old albums I had collected over the year. I almost wanted to cry, I got so emotional when listening to that music that was my soundtrack to my teenage years when I was hopeless and alone.

playing acoustic guitar in my room

From time to time I crank my favorite rock bands like Skid Row, Ratt, The Stooges, Guns N Roses and feel like I m 16 again.

Over the years I have seen these rock bands/artists live:

Billy Idol in 2005
Axl Rose´s version of GNR in 2006
Alice Cooper in 2006 & 2015
Mötörhead in 2006 & 2015
The Stooges in 2007
Duff McKagan’s Loaded in 2009
Michael Monroe several times from 2005 to 2014
Scorpions in 2013
Kiss in 2013
Slash & Myles Kennedy in 2015
La Guns 2016

Damn my memory is good, surprised myself.

I had the privilege to see Mötley on their final sold out tour in Helsinki last November. It was once again the best show I had seen. They ended their career with a bang and with style. I was satisfied. R.I.P Mötley Crue.



It was a special time in my life.

Listening to rock music changed me.It gave me hope, something to believe in, something to be passionate about, something to dream about, pride,joy.It gave me a way to express myself and my feelings when I couldn’t do it any other way.

It gave me all those precious things that mean so much when you are a young kid with low self-esteem nothing to live for, nothing to die for.

Rock on

Home Sweet Home 1985:

“My heart’s like an open book
For the whole world to read
Sometimes nothing
Keeps me together
At the seams”


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