Someday you will die

This Fight Club quote has been on my mind for years. It is the most meaningful quote to me. It pops into my mind at different times.

Fight club is in my Top 10 film list,I love the movie. Tyler Durden is the coolest character in film history. I watched Fight Club when I was 19 years old, it wasn’t as strong experience as I rewatched

2 years later and also read the book. The Film just clicked with me and had a profound influence on me. I wanted to be Tyler Durden so bad.

Whenever I feel sad, depressed, anxious I think about that quote. Minute by minute I m closer to death.Our life is a movie and it’s going to end someday.How you act in your movie is largely your responsibility.

You decide how are you gonna spend your time. How are you going to be wake up in the morning?

I used to listen to this song to death when I was 23 years old.

I took a walk on Wednesday around nature. It’s so refreshing to be alone in nature, good for the soul. I was thinking about how fast life goes. Summer is over, it just began! Year after year, we get older. We are not getting younger. How many summers do I have left? I have lived 28 summers, that doesn’t seem much.


This makes you think about how absurd everything is. A moment ago I was a kid now I m almost thirty. I hope I m still alive in 10 years and this blog is still up. I m gonna read this and laugh or cry about how fast time went by.

My grandmother talked me about this last week. She said she doesn’t feel like she is 72 when it wasn’t a long time ago when she was 25.

Life goes so fast we don’t even notice it.
For a long time, I have been thinking about death. Not in a gloomy depressive way but just logically thinking about it. How much time do I get?

Someday I will die, we all die. That idea scares me and at the same time releases me from a mental prison.

Life after death

I can tell you that it puts a fire under my ass that’s for sure. I gotta achieve my dreams. I can’t just die before I achieve my goals. I need to experience so many things before that!

How many times we don’t do something because of the pressure? How many times we get afraid of failure and embarrassment. How many times we choose a path so we can please somebody else. How many times do we think about what other people think of us?

I remember so many times I didn’t do something because I was afraid. I was thinking about what other people think of me. What if I embarrass myself and live in shame? I didn’t stop to think that one day it won’t matter cause I will be dead.

I was constantly thinking that maybe someday I will do it but for now, I’m gonna play it safe. When will that day come? What if I die before that?

Right now as I m writing this my window is open and I hear children playing. There is a kindergarten in front of my window. Kids are running around the playground, laughing and shouting. Someday they will become adults, grow old and then die.

Everybody dies,even those little kids,that’s a cold truth.
In the end, you are on your own in this world. Death is personal,on that trip you go alone.

Walking on a path

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from the scene of Fight Club .That movie is so good.
“first you have to know not fear know that someday you’re gonna die”


Listening to that line is so liberating. Someday I m gonna die. Why wouldn’t I pursue my dreams? Why wouldn’t I live life my own way? I love Bill Hicks, this is his best speech.


Life is just a ride, it goes up and down, then one day it ends. Is this all even real?

You can take this viewpoint the wrong way and become a reckless and bad person. You can hurt people and live a fucked up meaningless life, because who cares someday you will die anyway?


You can go after your dreams. You can become a better person and become the sunshine. You can live a meaningful life without being anxious and afraid all the time.

I choose to take risks and go after my deepest desires.No more of pressure on living up to somebody’s standards. No more of shame and anxiety.

This is a great part of Joe Rogan’s podcast Kevin Smith as a guest. Kevin’s story about his father makes you think.


Knowing the fact I will die someday motivates and inspires me to live life my own way. I don’t know if there is an afterlife but in this life, I live once.

It takes away lots of anxiety and fear.It sets me free. No crippling fear of why might happen, what if I fail, what if somebody doesn’t like, what if I get shamed. What if they laugh at me, what if I don’t get accepted?

I m not special.

I m just a human being living during this time in this crazy complicated universe. My time on this earth is limited and short. I gotta ride this ride to the end.
Time is running, it’s time to run after my goals.
Because someday I will die.



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