Learn to accept yourself

I was in the locker room of my gym after working out.
6 years ago I would look at the guys who were fitter than me and feel inferior. I would feel like I was not enough and other guys are better.

Women think that guys don’t do this but we do. Younger men compete with status, who is stronger, who has more muscles, who has a better sex life. More men are getting body dysmorphia than ever before. Young guys are comparing themselves to male models wanting somebody’s jawline.

Steroid use has skyrocketed among young men for searching that perfect body. Guys are ready to wreck their health in order to get muscles.

When I was 17-25 I was constantly torturing myself by comparing myself to other men. I felt like living in my shoes was so unpleasant that I rather am somebody from the movie screen. I wanted to be Johnny Depp instead of me.

I developed a very negative mindset. I thought I was shit and worthless.My self-esteem was at all time low.

Me standing in my room
17-year old me all depressed.

I was self-conscious about my voice. I was extremely conscious about my face. Girls didn’t like me.

If I failed then anger inside went and low vibration energy was creeping in. It was like a monkey on my back.

Back then I used to look at other guys in envy at the gym. They had better bodies and lifted more weights. This caused inferior complex. Why didn’t I look like that? Why didn’t I lift that amount of weight?

When I was 19-years old I started to read bullshit men’s magazines that had guys on the cover that were photoshopped and were on gear. I would watch them in envy. I wanted to be them so bad, who gullible young doesn’t?

They were what I wasn’t.

I wasn’t happy being myself, in fact, I hated being me. I thought I was a piece of shit. I wanted to be somebody else.Comparing myself others fed my self-hatred.

I felt like I wasn’t living up to society’s standard. I wasn’t the man that was on magazines covers, I was a just anxious weirdo with weak social skills who had big dreams in his head about who he wanted to be.

You probably have had the same feeling, looking at somebody thinking they have the perfect lives and desperately wanting to be that person.

I did that. Always comparing myself to others. I was not enough in my mind. I was massively insecure . This led me to a path of self-improvement. I was obsessed with self-help movement since I had awakened at age 21.

Me standing in the middleoof the room

I was never good enough, I had to be better. Searching for a bit of more information to become an ultimate man.

Over the years I finally am finding certain self-accepted. I don’t wanna compete with anybody or be somebody. I’m great as I am being me. The only person I want to become is a better version of myself. I don’t want to be a copy of somebody else or jump on some trend.

So what is another guy has visible rock hard abs and I don’t?
So what if another guy has better skin and better face composition than I?
He is not me.

If it makes you feel better to think that someday we all die, even those perfect people you compare yourself with.

We do this all the time. Not stopping to think that we are one of a kind. You are a unique person in this world, nobody is exactly like you. Why should you be somebody else?
Think about this idea.

What would you think of yourself if everybody vanished from the world and you were the only person walking this planet? You couldn’t compare yourself to anybody because there would be anybody. Would it be easier for you not to judge yourself? Would you be happier with yourself?


We want other persons body, skin, and mannerisms. Not realizing that we can never be another person. You can put up on an act that will not last long. You could do tons of plastic surgery like some people do and look like some celebrity.

But still, you would not be that person. You are you.

Kids are great, they don’t have an ego yet, they are just themselves. They don’t care how they voice sounds or are they good looking enough. There is no that inner voice. They don’t think about things like self-acceptance and low self-esteem.

Next time you start judging yourself and comparing yourself to somebody else say to yourself “I m me and there is no way around it”.There is no point in complaining and crying about the situation. You are you.

You are you, nobody is exactly like you. Don’t compare yourself to other people. That’s a no win street. You will gain anything by looking at your neighbor.

You have only one life. I don’t know about the afterlife but here in this life, you have this body. Better start loving and respect yourself or else it will be a painful life.

Going head on against your inner demons is the fastest way to self-acceptance. When you do stuff anyway even it feels dreadful that’s what you grow. That’s when bad inner voices will shut up.

Angry demon

You can become better, but you will not become another person. Why would you?
It is liberating to let go of the need for a certain image we want to give. Just being best of me I can be. Not worrying if somebody else appears to be better in my mind.


Fuck it I m here, I got these cards and me I´m gonna play them to my best knowledge.

My body is my body, my skin is my skin and what somebody else has doesn’t concern me.

Fuck the standards, I make my own. I ´ll be the coolest in my own mind. I ´l be my own personal star.
I do my thing you do your thing. I march to a beat of my own drum.

If you don’t like it then fuck you.
I am me and nobody else.

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