Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)

When I heard they were doing a sequel to Kindergarten cop with Dolph Lundgren I couldn’t believe it. Original with Arnold Schwarzenegger was released 16 years ago. How are they going to do this? What’s the point?


Like in the first one main character must go undercover as a kindergarten teacher this time to find a stolen list of names on USB stick.

I like Dolph Lundgren and from time to time rent his new movies. This was a surprise, Dolph never did comedy, he always played tough guys, it was really enjoyable seeing him doing something different. Dolph should do more comedy.

Dolph Lundgren in Kindergarten cop 2


I thought this one is going to be low quality direct to DVD film but I was surprised. Jokes were good, I liked how they put old school guy like Dolph with self-aware, gluten, sugar-free kids in a political correct kindergarten.

Bill Bellamy is a funny sidekick who plays Dolph´s partner and we have Dolph´s love interest, Darla Taylor. Richard Tyson was a great bad guy in the first movie, he had that bad guy looks and mannerism. Aleks Paunovic plays the main bad guy in this one and does it well.

Kindergarten Cop 2

It’s not a masterpiece, it doesn’t have to be. It’s a good light entertainment on a Sunday evening.

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