Hard target 2 (2016)

I was excited to hear that Universal studios were making Hard Target 2. First one is, in my opinion, Jean Claude Van Damme´s best film and also John Woo´s best American film.

This time we have Scott Adkins who has played alongside Van Damme in movies like Universal Soldier: Day of reckoning and Expendables 2.

I managed to find the movie on a rental here and watched it last night.


Retired MMA fighter Wes Baylor (Scott Adkins) is offered half a million dollar by a man named Aldrich (Robert Knepper) for a fight in Myanmar. When Baylor arrives at the fight, he learns that he has been cheated into a game of life and death where he is hunted in the jungle. He has to run to the border with rubies as bad guys chase him.


The film starts with some really cool and impressive fight choreography. He has been number one martial art actor for years in films. His fighting is beautiful.

I first saw him 2008 in Van Damme´s The Shephard, after that, I checked the awesome Undisputed sequels.


The jungle is the perfect setting for this kind of plot. I always wondered how it would look if they made the whole movie around the chase.

The action scenes are awesome, explosions and fights. I was surprised how much they accomplished with a tight schedule, there is a lot of action in the film.



Scott is awesome, he has the looks, body and the moves.You can really see that he gives his 100 % into the film. Scott does some awesome kicks and kicks ass!

Along with Scott´s character girl named Tha (Ann Truong) is running away with him across the jungle.


Robert Knepper is great as a greedy bad guy who leads the group. Its really hard to top Lance Henriksen from the first movie, he was a cold and cool psychopath. Kneppers does a good job in portraying the main villain.


Hunter group is diverse with different kind of hunters. You just wait when Scott kills them one by one. Beautiful Rhona Mitra is one of the villains who hunt Scott.


There are couple references from the first film like pigeons and hunters in black leather on motorcycles, really cool.

Overall Hard target 2 is a great action film and great standalone sequel. Like with Kindergarten cop 2, Universal did a good job in producing a high-quality sequel.
It is action packed and is not a copycat of the first one.


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