Bait (2012)

Ever since I saw Jaws and Jaws 2 I have been fascinated by shark movies. Jaws was and still is one of my favorite films of all time. I can’t name you how many times I have watched it.

I even liked 3 & 4 Jaws films that are viewed as very bad films.Jaws films traumatized me, to this day I feel the chills when I go for a swim.

After Jaws, I sought every shark film I could get. I was always so disappointed. Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea was a film I enjoyed, well-made film with tension.

Most of the shark films are awful. I have tried watching recent low-quality shark flicks with awful CGI sharks, it’s just unbearable, movies suck so bad.

The movie I want to see is Shallows starring Blake Lively that just hit theaters.

Yesterday I rented an Australian film called Bait. It 5.3 rating on IMDB meaning it’s better than most Shark films.


Tsunami hits the coast and people in a supermarket filled with water. Soon they realize there are huge bloodthirsty Great white sharks among them.


I was surprised how good this movie was. The sharks itself were real looking and frightening.I got used seeing so many weak looking fake sharks in films that this was a breath of fresh air. You don’t get bored, the thrill is there.


Scenes were great. You definitely see that there was a bigger budget than 1 million, action scenes look real and are exciting unlike in many other sharks films where you just get bored.

Sharks are menacing and attacks are terrifying.


The tension was there, I was on the edge of my seat. Claustrophobic effect of having people trapped inside supermarket while there are bloodthirsty sharks in the water is something.

You have this classic theme where different people get trapped together and they must work together to get out of the danger. You actually care for the characters.

I was surprised seeing Julian McMahon in this, haven’t seen him a while.

It’s a shame that Kimble Rendall hasn’t made a lot of films.

Overall a good movie, as a shark movie it’s fantastic. It’s unfortunate that there ain’t a lot of good shark movies out there. Shark theme is terrifying and exciting but not too many good movies have come out of it.


This film proves that with a little bit of budget you can make a great shark film.
If you have seen Jaws then see this, you will not be disappointed.

Rent it on Amazon.


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