Be the hero of your own movie

Be the hero of your own movie

This end up being little more personal than it was meant to be.

I love Joe Rogan. I listen to his podcasts all the time and I love his stand up comedy. One of a kind guy.

I was at the gym in the morning and for some reason Joe Rogan’s video “be the hero of your own movie” started playing in my head. I saw that video over a year ago a couple of times. It didn’t stop playing in my head. I shouted “fuck yeah” not at loud of course,in my head,don’t want people thinking I’m crazy 😉

Arriving home the first thing I did was go to youtube and watch the video again.

How motivational. How empowering. It got me thinking. How fucking cool attitude is that?

Think your life as a movie.

Think yourself as a main hero

My movie

Then I started thinking about my life,year by year my progress, my failures,my triumphs.

Teenage years filled with anxiety, self-destructive thoughts, and low self-esteem.
Later 19-years old virgin with only couple of friends.Feelings of self-loathing, depression,despair still there. I thought I was fucked for life. It just is like that and will be like that.This will be a sad melancholic indie movie with no happy ending starring me.

At 21, I got really angry and decided to do something about my sad boring life.No more of this bullshit.No more feeling sorry for myself and playing the fucking victim.

I immediately changed my mindset, my attitude,my persona I gave to people. My life turned to better instantly. To this day year 2009 has a special place in my heart, year of change,year of personal victories nobody knows about.

me standing in a room

Little by little I was changing my destiny and changing my life. Like Napoleon Hill wrote in one of my favorite books of all time “Think and grow rich “

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

With all the positive mental changes I had, there was still a lot of anger and resentment from previous experiences I had. Deep down I still knew where I was coming from. I embraced some negative attitudes towards life and people.

I was still little dumb,immature and insecure. Down my path, I did a lot of mistakes. I let anger and my insecurity control me and did all kind of stupid shit in the process. I could write the whole article of all the stupid things I have done.

Got into a relationship with a wrong girl. Spend my time with the wrong crowd. Got involved in things I should have not involved myself. I was reckless with my money and health. At age 22 I crashed and burned, had to quit school because I was not going there. Had no motivation anymore.

me sitting in the nightclub


I felt like an idiot going even deeper to the bottom than I ever have been.Experiencing the same negative feelings I did when I was 19. The year 2010 was year of craziness and recklessness

The Rise

Again I had to reevaluate my mindset, beliefs, my life. I had to find back to the light. Fortunately like in films I did.

This sounds very melodramatic but it was like when Batman escapes out of prison in “Dark Knight rises”. It was a pivotal moment in my life. I was fed up and decided to escape my prison once again.


I told my past life to fuck off and started new chapter again. Just when my life began into disaster drama I changed it. I started taking care of my mental and physical health.Started going to the gym regularly. Got better friends.Became more hard working in a school.Got interested in educating myself. Started climbing up again.The year 2011 was a year of personal rebirth.

You see? My life has been like a movie: it has a beginning,conflict,troubles then triumph, winning and then again some conflicts then triumphs.It hasn’t ended yet, it still plays,I m writing the script as it goes. That’s life.

Fucking up, doing mistakes, burning to the ground, losing hope,going crazy, rising up all make your life story more interesting. You went down then you got up. You crashed you burned, then you rose out of the ashes.

hero of the movie


Some of the most interesting people I ever met have had a rocky road and complicated life. Some of those people are my friends. You could make a movie out of their life and it would be one hell of a film.

All the scars and bruises you have, are there to remind of your story. Who you are and where have you been. Those scars make you more interesting.
It’s okay to fuck up especially if you are young.

Your past failures don’t define you. From here now you can change the plot.

Your life movie is filled with interesting plot twists, character development, interesting characters, kickass soundtrack, badass dialogue. You are writing multi-million dollar Hollywood script. You are the screenwriter, producer, starring actor, director of your movie. Your movie is fucking A list movie.

Me hanging out with Darth Vader


Draw a timeline

There is beginning when you were born.
Then write important years on the line, they can be triumphs,losses. Think about your pivotal moments in your life. This is your script.

Next time you go down and get depressed, start playing that phrase in your head “be the hero of your own movie”. Rise up, fight, prove to yourself just that.


As a kid, I was mesmerized by action movies of the 80s & 90s. I wanted to kick ass like my heroes did. Those films inspired me. I wanted to be Jean Claude Van Damme in Lionheart in the end of the movie where he is bloody beaten down,then he gets up, screams like an animal and starts kicking the opponent.

Jean Claude Van Damme in Lionheart


Be Arnold Schwarzenegger in your movie that goes through every obstacle and triumphs in the end. Be Sylvester Stallone Rocky that rises from the bottom and achieves his victory. Be Bruce Willis in Die Hard, fight your way through, kick ass,yippee ki yay motherfucker. Be Christian Bale in  The Dark Knight Rises   when he escapes his prison. You are the hero.You are the star.