How to use your anger

How to use your anger

Today I was angry again. There was no specific reason, just thinking too much about life, and reading too much negative news. It happens. Moment to moment our feelings change and new emotions arise.  For me just reading about an injustice that happens in the world can trigger anger in me.

There is nothing embarrassing or weak to feel anger. It´s in us.

angry crocodile

I went to the gym and lifted some weights with concentration. Came home and decided I m gonna use the remaining of my negative energy today and do some writing and maybe later do some music.

Anger is energy, negative energy but it doesn´t mean it can’t be sometimes good for you.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured” – Mark Twain


You´re probably read this quote hundred of times on positive self- help sites and facebook memes. Just breath, let your anger flow away from you. Anger is bad, love is good, blah blah. Anger leads to the dark side like Yoda says. It doesn’t always.

Letting go of anger sounds easy but everyone knows that anger is a powerful emotion, when it hits you it´s hard just to stop and be one with the fucking universe.


There are times when you have a right to be angry. If someone fucks you over you should feel anger. You get treated wrongfully it’s not normal not to feel negative emotions.
You are human being after all not a machine. It’s a dangerous and complicated world out there, you need some anger.

Sometimes the only right thing is to feel anger. Feel it and use it in a productive way.

I have always felt a lot of anger but most of the time I didn’t how to use it properly. I just got anxious, depressed, hopeless and cried (inside).

The worst thing is when you let that anger control you and go online trying to start arguments with strangers and raise your blood pressure even more. Or even worse you go and start a real fight. People go to jail for a long time for not controlling their anger.



You all probably know that person at a workplace that will try to ruin everyone else´s day if they are having a bad day? They can’t control their anger and they lash out on you. They are too weak to control it.

Getting wasted is a very easy I know, sometimes it works all too well but in a long run you are just fucking yourself up and eventually will develop a serious addiction.

Every time I feel anger now I will be procreative about it. Nobody cares about your anger, it’s pointless to shout and throw shit around.

What I do

Instead, I will tame that shit.
I will play my guitar from my heart, lift weights with determination, read/watch something educational and empowering, I will go jogging until I can’t breathe anymore and feel like vomiting.

playing bass guitar
17-year old me playing bass too loud

If your life isn’t going into your direction use that anger of yours to steer it into the right direction. Use that anger to better yourself.

There are many things what you can do

Channel your anger. Creating and doing something useful with that anger will make you feel better and will raise your self-worth knowing you did something productive.

Go  the gym and lift until you tear your muscles, just kidding!

Write a diary where you talk about your anger. Putting your thoughts and feelings to words is extremely therapeutic. I used to write about my depression in my diary and wrote song lyrics when I was 16-19-years old

Paint, draw, write,play instrument, sing. Express your anger in an artistic way.

Lift weights, jog, build something, educate yourself more, express your anger in a positive way

Use that anger