Unexpected paths of life

Unexpected paths of life

Over month ago I went to a job interview for an open vacancy. I really wanted that job, I had qualifications and lots of work experience.Then I found out that I didn’t get it.

I was a disappointed and little bit hard to myself, I should have been better at the interview or maybeI didn’t say this etc.

Disappointed man

I was disappointed but I was not crushed like I would have been 6 years ago.
You see nothing in life is gonna go by your plans. Shit is going to happen no matter how well prepared or untouchable you are. That’s life, shit happens.

You fail and get rejected.

Couple days went and my friend told me that their company is looking for people. He gave me the email address of his boss and I sent my CV.

A day later I got the call from him and next day I went to a job interview. It went very good and on Monday I found out that I got the job!

Happy mouse

You see one door closed another opened.

What even better that this job is better than the job I didn’t get. So looking back I m happy that I got rejected from that job.
Working at the same place as my best friend is really weird to me. Who would have known?

Sometimes failure and rejection are better because another better opportunity is around the corner.

Many times in my life I was happy later that failed because after that failure I found another opportunity.

After failure may come your big break. It might happen sooner than you think.

If I didn’t have such shitty dating life when I was 21 I would have never had the same drive to become the better man and improve my social skills. I wouldn’t be the same person.

If wasn’t so shitty at sports I would have never picked up a guitar.
If I didn’t have so many failures in my life I wouldn’t be here writing this.

That’s the thing about life you never know. Stuff happens that you don’t understand then later on you understand and are happy about it.

You get steered onto some path that doesn’t make sense at the time but years later you understand it. You see the bigger picture and appreciate it.

Stuff you cry about now is the stuff you are happy about years later.
I m happy that I experienced many failures and bad feelings,they made me the person I am now.


Opportunities arise out of nowhere. New paths get created. This door closes and that door opens.
Out of the darkness comes light.
Sometimes it makes me think deeply about life, maybe there are some forces around us that we don’t see that guides us into different directions. Opens doors for us.
Life is a mystery.